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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning from Home


Being at home doesn't mean we have to stop connecting with the outdoors. Whether you have a garden, a balcony or even just a window here is a list of links from various sources that will hopefully keep you busy connecting with nature. It's a proven scientific fact that nature increases our health and wellbeing! I am aiming to do at least one outdoor related activity every day.


Please let us know what nature-related activities you've been up to, even if it's as simple as sprouting carrot heads left over from dinner preparation or bird-spotting out your window.


Outdoor Learning links

All free websites or free subscription period (these are specified)

Some may repeat in other webistes' list of links


RSPB Wild Challenge

A series of challenges that help wildlife, explore nature, and let you have fun in the outdoors. Earn points towards awards of bronze, silver, and gold.


Muddy Puddle Parent Hub

Curriculum linked lessons including English, Math, Science, RE, etc… Usually paid but currently offering one month free membership due to current circumstances.


Woodland Trust – Tree Tools for Schools

Spotting sheets, scavenger hunts, activities, lesson worksheets and more. You can also search for activities by curriculum subject or topic.


Wildlife Trust – Wildlife Watch

Activities, ID sheets and a variety of resources on wildlife in the UK. Also has an awards scheme for children of all ages.


Land Art for Kids

A simple website with some ideas about art that can be created while exploring outdoors. Ideas are primarily under sections How To Do Land Art, and How To’s.


Learning Outside the Classroom - Resource List

A list of resource sites for outdoor learning opportunities but also some Geography related (virtual exploration of other countries.) Not all are lesson based so pick and choose based on your needs and abilities.


RHS Campaign for School Gardening - Bring the Sunshine Inside

This page is aimed primarily at families staying home and gives some nice growing ideas to do inside. Further activities can be found in the Resources tab.


Wimbledon and Putney Commons - Activities List

A great list of nature-themed activities and websites to keep you occupied during isolation. Apparently this will be updated regularly so check back periodically.

And for when you can’t get outside but want to learn something!

Crash Course Kids – YouTube

Just over 100 videos covering Science-based topics from Engineering to Life Science. Primarily aimed at students in years 5-6 but can be accessible to younger students. Hint: In some videos she may talk too quickly. Change the playback speed in settings to 0.75!