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The Mount Stewart Schools

Our Learning this Week

Word of the Week


Every week the children of Year 3 will be learning about and discussing a given word. 


This week's word is yearning.


The children will be reviewing:


  • Synonyms of the word ( similar meaning - different spelling)
  • Etymology ( origins of the word)
  • Definition
  • Using the word in a sentence


This week we have been focusing on Place Value. Children have been using base ten equipment, bead-strings and place value grids to explore the essential question; "why is place value important?" We then progressed to drawing our understanding in part whole models such as cherry diagrams.


This week we have begun reading the text "Stone - Age Boy. Children have made predictions based on the illustrations before progressing to infer the feelings of characters. We reviewed the features of dialogue and created our own conversations between the main characters on their first meeting.


This week we were risk-takers; using our synonyms wall to make ambitious choices with vocabulary when making predictions, writing dialogue and developing expanded noun phrases.


We were resilient when drawing our understanding of place value and built our confidence to begin with, with a range of concrete resources.


We have continued to focus on our well-being. In 3M this week, we read; Silly Billy, by Anthony Browne. We then each made our own worry doll so that if we're feeling worried we can place it in our class worry box and  teacher will come and talk to us. We had lots of fun making these.