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The Mount Stewart Schools

Our Learning this Week

Word of the Week

Every week, the Year 6 children will be learning about and discussing a new word.


The word of the week this week is: poky.


The children will be reviewing:

  • Synonyms of the word
  • Etymology
  • Definition
  • Using the word in a sentence

This week has been Anti-Bullying Week at TMSS so the children have had the opportunity to reflect on bullying behaviour and how to prevent this. We have already had some brilliant anti-bullying poems and posters: please keep them coming Year 6!



In English this week, we have been practicing our letter writing skills, applying these to postcards, letters, and thank you notes inspired by the character of Anna in our key text  'When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit'.



In Maths we have been rehearsing a range of written multiplication strategies, including the expanded method, the grid method and the formal written methods.

We have used these to apply our knowledge of multiplication to worded problems and calculations involving decimals.


Concept Learning

In History, we have continued to learn about the impact of the Second World War in Britain, exploring evacuation and the Ministry of Health's 'Operation Pied Piper', reflecting upon its effect on children at that time.

In Science, we have further explored Darwin's Theory and the concept of 'natural selection' through an investigation of the distribution of finch species in the Galapagos.