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The Mount Stewart Schools

Our Learning this Week

Continuing on with our busy schedule, 5J, 5M & 5S has been working hard on improving and up-levelling a variety of skills.


For English, we have been looking closely at our sci-fi book 'Larklight' and have looked closely around the Tier 2 and Tier 3 that are present in the book.


For science last week we looked at the rotation of our planets as well as what our atmosphere is and how it works whilst working hard on our note taking strategies and abilities.


For our Oceania unit in geography we have looked at the bush fires in Australia and why they can be hard to control. We additionally looked at some of the strategies that Australia's fire fighters use to control fires as well as what Australia's indigenous population did in the past.


For RE we looked at different artefacts across a variety of religions that include: Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism, as well as what they mean to ones place of worship.


We have also just finished off our fraction unit this week and will now be starting a new unit based around area and the strategies we can use to find/estimate the area of a variety of shapes.