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Word of the Week

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Our concept for this term is:

Change and resilience

I am marvellous

I am magnificent

I am me!


Week 3



The year 2 teachers are happy to see that all pupils were resilient and carried on with their learning during the rainy weather. 



In maths we explored the meaning of the greater than and less than signs. We used concreate objects to prove that our calculations are correct. Pupils explored vocabulary that we can use to explain when one thing is greater than or less than the other.   







It's a rainy day today. In science we did an exciting experiment to identify which material would be best to make an umbrella with. We had the material over little Dobby Lego character and after the water was poured, we checked to see if he was wet or dry. 


In English this week read an interesting book 'The Great White Man-Eating Shark'. We used this book as the driver for exploring vocabulary that can be used to describe a character's features. Pupils went on to identifying and explaining different events that occurred in the story and explaining why the character made specific choices.