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Our Learning this Week

           Welcome to Year One


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EQ: Do we all have the same needs?


Autumn 1: This half term Year 1 are primarily of resettling and refocussing the children into their new setting. To support the children's transition, will be exploring this terms topics through a variety of practical experiences and small group work. Our Curriculum Driver this half term is 'Our Place in Our World' which enables children to share their experiences with their peers and allows us all to understand the wonderful world we live in. Our Concept is 'Health and Well-Being' which also gives the children the opportunities to focus on their own mental and physical well-being linking to what it means to have a healthy lifestyle and how to make healthy choices. 



In English we will be looking at a variety of stories that link into exploring our Curriculum Driver. The Rainbow Fish and The Very Hungry Caterpillar are two familiar stories we will be delving into at the beginning of the term. These stories help the children to understand the need for kindness in our world and also for children to access the concept of transition and change. We will also be exploring rhyming, sequencing and retelling through our key text 'The Storm Whale'.



In Maths we will exploring concepts such as positional language where children will be using the terms 'on top', 'inside', 'behind', 'under', 'next to', 'above', 'beside', 'to the left' and 'to the right'. There will also be a big focus on numbers to 10 with the use of various models such as tens frames and part-whole models so that children find ways to make totals in various ways. 



In Science we will be learning lots about the amazing animals in our world! Children will be learning about the features of different animals and then use the knowledge they have gained to classify animals based on their features, diets and habitats. Children will be exploring the terms 'carnivore', 'herbivore' and 'omnivore' when learning about the varying diets.