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Our Learning this Week

           Welcome to Year One


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EQ: What would happen if the weather never changed?


Summer 1: This half term Year 1 are exploring all thing climate and plants! We are super excited about our learning and there are some amazing trips planned!





In English we will be looking at a variety of stories that link to our concept of ‘change and consequence’. We start back with the text Ten Seeds which is a lovely picture book that shows the life cycle of plants. Through this text we will explore the different stages of plants growing from seeds/beans/bulbs and then embarking on their journey to an adult plant and finally the remains of the seeds at the end of the journey. We then move onto the story of Jim and the Beanstalk – a fabulous sequel to Jack and the Beanstalk. Here we will make predictions about the story, compare and analyse the two texts before deciding a preference. We will then become innovators who make discuss and reason with changes we would make to the story and why! Towards the end of the half term we will also explore the book Seasons Come, Seasons Go: Tree – a beautifully illustrated book demonstrating the ever-changing seasons through the eyes of a tree. We even have some amazing books on the way to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee!




In Maths we will exploring concepts such as time, money and multiplication. We will be learning how to set and tell the time to o’clock and half past and use this knowledge to solve some word problems! We will also be relating our knowledge of addition towards the concept of money. Once we are familiar with the coins we use in England, we will find different ways to make amounts. Finally, we will explore the concept of multiplication through arrays where we will be making ‘groups of’ and linking it to a multiplication sum.    





In Science we will be exploring our Curriculum Driver of being inquisitive investigators! The topic of plants is our final Science strand of the year and we will be having very green fingers by the end! We will be planting a range of seeds, beans, bulbs, vegetables, fruits and plants in order for us to monitor and nurture. We will be learning about the different parts of plants, including trees, finding out about what plants need to grow and survive and also the many different types of plants in our world – we are so luck to have such beautiful grounds in our school and we cannot wait to investigate the high fields to see what we can find!



In Geography we will be looking at our amazing planet, Earth. We will use our prior knowledge of the equator and the Northern and Southern Hemispheres to deepen our understanding of the weather around the world. We will also be monitoring the weather on a daily basis in class. We will finally explore and compare contrasting areas on our planet such as the North Pole with Brazil, which links in great with our new-found knowledge of continents and oceans!