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The Mount Stewart Schools

Our Learning this Week

         Welcome to Year One


This term year one are exploring the concept of Identity, delving into the essential question of: How can a building make an area special?


This week, in line with our concept of Identity, we explored the city themed book: Katie Goes to London. In the book, Katie, her grandma and her brother take a bus to London and make a very special friend, as they explore the amazing sights London has to offer.

Later on in the week, we explored the features of a story and created some exciting problems and resolutions for some of our favourite stories. 




In Maths, we have been exploring money by looking at different values of coins. We represented different coins using counters, bead-strings and Cuisenaire rods to help us with our learning. Later on in the week, we added together different denominations of coins and ordered them based on their value. We had so much fun handling real coins!




In History we looked at Wembley Stadium and its design. We discovered that the design of the stadium has many benefits, such as the famous arch arch that replaced the previous view obstructing pillars of the old stadium. 



On Friday Crystal class visited Wembley Stadium and had so much fun! They gained lots of knowledge about Wembley Stadium and its rich history, through a workshop  and an amazing tour. Crystal class were really able to link their learning about Wembley from their history lessons to the trip. I'm sure Coral and Tiger-Eye class are even more excited now!