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The Mount Stewart Schools

Nursery Information

Welcome to our Nursery


Choosing a Nursery for your child is a very important decision for you to make and we are pleased that you have chosen Mount Stewart Nursery to start your child’s education. This booklet will help you to answer any question you might have and to give you some information about us and what we do. The Nursery staff are very supportive and helpful and if any additional questions arise they would be more than willing to help. We hope that this will be the start of a rewarding and enjoyable partnership.


Nursery Times 8.50am – 11.50am


What you can expect from us

• A warm welcome for you and your child and to be introduced to the Nursery Staff.

• The highest standard of care in a setting which is designed to stimulate your child’s interests and development.

• To provide activities suitable for your child’s development.

• To encourage your child’s sense of responsibility.

• To treat each child fairly and equally.

• To respect your religion and beliefs.

• To inform you of any concerns we may have with regard to your child and to act on any concerns or worries you may have.


What we expect of you

• To bring and collect your child punctually. Please remember when you are late it unsettles your child as well as the class.

• To contact us if your child is unwell and cannot attend Nursery.

• To label ALL items of clothing.

• To tell us of any concerns you may have about your child’s time in Nursery.

• To encourage your child’s independence: teach them how to take their coat off, to put on their shoes etc.

• To attend all parent mornings. They are important.



You, as parents, are your child’s first teachers and we recognise the importance of your role in your child’s early formative years. We believe very much in partnerships, not just in the Nursery but throughout the whole school. Our role in Mount Stewart Nursery is to help your child take the next step in independence and education but we cannot do it without you. We need your support and involvement.


How can you help?

We would like parents to help with activities such as cookery, art and crafts and with trips. Perhaps you’ve got a recipe you would like to show the children, for example, you may like to make pizza or read a familiar story in your home language (Hindi, Arabic etc) or read with individual children in our reading room. You can also help a small group of children on an activity table. Whatever you would like to help with, we would welcome your involvement. We know how resourceful parents can be and we believe variety is the spice of life. (If you would like to help, please ask for the form from the Nursery or from the school office.


Things you need to know

All children (both boys and girls) should wear the school uniform which is a maroon jumper, white t-shirt, black jogging bottoms or trousers and black Velcro trainers (with no logo) or shoes. Laces are not permitted in the Nursery. During the summer term, girls may wear a yellow checked summer dress and boys grey shorts. Both girls and boys are to wear a legionnaire’s hat during this term. The uniform can be purchased from any of the large chain stores or school outfitters. Mark all your child’s clothes and shoes with their name. All children must have a small bag containing spare clothes in case of accidents. This must be labelled with your child’s name and can be left on their coat hook.


The School sells PE Bags for £4.00 and School Book Bag for £4.50. The children are given a healthy snack and drink at snack time each day. They also engage in cooking activities and we ask parents to pay £5.00 per term or £15.00 for the academic year to supplement these activities. All monies should be paid online.


If your child is unwell and has seen the doctor who has prescribed medication, your child can attend nursery as soon as they are better. The First Aider in the nursery will administer any medicine prescribed by the doctor. Parents should complete a medical form before a member of the nursery staff gives their child medicine. If your child has been vomiting and/or has diarrhoea, we ask that your child remains at home for 48 hours after the last symptoms to prevent the spread of any infection. If your child is going to be absent, please telephone us on 020 8907 5113 before 8:50 am. The nursery starts at 8:50am. Children arriving later than the stated time will be marked late for that day.


No jewellery should be worn in the Nursery, except religious icons. For safety reasons, these must be worn under the clothing. Only stud earrings are acceptable in the Nursery.


Common questions parents ask


Why must I write my child’s name in his clothes?

If your child’s name is written on all your child’s belongings they are easier to identify. Please remember that all the children wear the same thing.


My child cries when I leave her. What can I do?

If your child gets upset we may ask you to stay. Most children go through a phase of crying but they all get through it. Nursery staff will support you and will advise you on what to do.


My child is sick but I want him to come to the nursery.

If your child is sick, you should decide if he/she is well enough to attend nursery. If you bring your child to the nursery and the nursery staff have evidence to suggest that your child is unwell he/she will be sent home. If your child becomes ill while at nursery you will get a phone call from us asking you to collect him/her.


I’m concerned about my child. What should I do?

If you’re concerned about any aspect of your child’s welfare or progress in the Nursery please speak to one of the Nursery staff as soon as possible. We regard your child’s welfare as our number one priority.


Getting ready to start Mount Stewart Nursery

Parents of children who have accepted a place in the nursery starting in September will be invited to an Open Morning and Evening in June. At this meeting, parents will sign a sheet to agree date and time for a visit by nursery workers. Mount Stewart Nursery Teacher and support staff will visit you and your child in your home in September to discuss your child’s needs and the best method of settling him/her into the nursery. Pupils will have a staggered intake into the nursery over a three week period starting with the oldest pupils first and the youngest pupils last.


Your child’s first day at Mount Stewart Nursery Starting Nursery can be exciting, scary and sometimes a little too much for a young child but together, we can make this time as easy a transition as possible. On your child’s first day we may ask you to stay if your child is crying or very upset. So please come prepared to remain with your child. In fact, we will expect you to stay for as long as it takes for your child to become confident to stay without you. We don’t expect it to take long for your child to feel at home in the Nursery but your help is vital in making the transition a smooth and happy time.



Mount Stewart Nursery Curriculum Mount Stewart Nursery follows the nursery education guidelines in the EYFS framework. We offer a range of experiences and activities which reflects practice specified in the EYFS framework.


The Three Prime Areas:


  1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development – We aim to encourage all children to work and play as part of a group and independently, to make friends and develop their self-confidence and respect for themselves and others. We value the feelings, culture and beliefs of all children and aim to encourage each child to value those of others in the nursery.
  2. Communication and Language – We aim to develop your child’s ability and confidence in speaking and listening in a variety of settings and situations within the nursery through songs, group discussions, role play and sharing their experiences and feelings.
  3. Physical Development – We aim to develop your child’s sense of control, mobility, awareness of space and manipulative skills through a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. These include movement work including using various kinds of apparatus and equipment, ball play, bike riding, climbing, running, skipping and jumping etc.


The Four Specific Areas:

  1. Literacy - Your child will develop early reading skills through storytime, looking through books, learning how to handle books and sharing books with others.
  2. Mathematics – Your child will be given many opportunities to develop skills such as counting, sorting, matching and sequencing through a variety of practical activities and games. Your child will develop the ability to understand and use basic mathematical words.
  3. Expressive Arts and Design – We aim to develop your child’s imagination and ability to communicate and express ideas and feelings in creative ways. This will be done in a number of ways. Your child will be given opportunities to explore sounds, colours, textures, shape and size and talk imaginatively about the things seen, heard, smelt and touched and will develop their confidence and ability to express and communicate their feelings.
  4. Understanding of the World – We aim to further develop and enhance your child’s knowledge and ideas about his / her environment, the lives of other people and the world in general. Your child will be given many opportunities to develop many ideas and knowledge through talking, observing, drawing, role-play and a variety of other practical activities. We will develop your child’s ability to cut, make and build objects using a variety of materials.   


Nursery Helper Details

If you think you would like to help in the nursery please complete and return the slip in the booklet.