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The Mount Stewart Schools

Nursery Information

Welcome to our Nursery


Choosing a Nursery for your child is a very important decision for you to make and we are pleased that you have chosen Mount Stewart Nursery to start your child’s education. This booklet will help you to answer any question you might have and to give you some information about us and what we do. The Nursery staff are very supportive and helpful and if any additional questions arise they would be more than willing to help. We hope that this will be the start of a rewarding and enjoyable partnership.


What you can expect from us

• A warm welcome for you and your child and to be introduced to the Nursery Staff.

• The highest standard of care in a setting which is designed to stimulate your child’s interests and development.

• To provide activities suitable for your child’s development.

• To encourage your child’s sense of responsibility.

• To treat each child fairly and equally.

• To respect your religion and beliefs.

• To inform you of any concerns we may have with regard to your child and to act on any concerns or worries you may have.


What we expect of you

• To bring and collect your child punctually. Please remember when you are late it unsettles your child as well as the class.

• To contact us if your child is unwell and cannot attend Nursery.

• To label ALL items of clothing.

• To tell us of any concerns you may have about your child’s time in Nursery.

• To encourage your child’s independence: teach them how to take their coat off, to put on their shoes etc.

• To attend all parent mornings. They are important.


Nursery Helper Details

If you think you would like to help in the nursery please complete and return the slip in the booklet.

Nursery Curriculum Information