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Your child’s online summer

Dear Parents and Carers


We talk about staying safe online and offline throughout the school year, but we would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to talk to your children about what they do online and on their devices before the upcoming summer holidays. Here are some great ideas for help and support:


You can call the NSPCC / O2 parent online-safety helpline on 0808 800 5002 for specific online safety advice or help with parental control settings for your home internet or devices. 


There is an excellent tablet app from Internet Matters built to help parents have a conversation about online safety with their children. Just search Internet Matters on the app store


Search NSPCC NetAware on the app store for an excellent ‘app about apps’ with overviews of all the top sites, apps and games that your children play (but why not ask your child to show you their apps, sites and games themselves – they will be the best teachers).


Silly season in the press may show lots of scare stories about ‘bad apps’ to avoid, but it is more important to think about behaviour, and what can happen on any app that has a certain feature (e.g. livestreaming), rather than on a particular named app.


If you are worried about screentime, why not look at for sensible advice that you may find useful. Rather than focussing on ‘time’ on devices, think about quality and creativity instead.


Google “family agreement” plus Childnet or NSPCC to see examples of how you can minimise arguments before they occur. Worrying things happen online but there are also many positives, so why not get involved and share some online experiences with your children this summer. 73% of children and young people trust their parents to talk about online safety, but only just over half speak to them about it once a year or more. You can access a wealth of internet safety tools by visiting our website:


This link is found under Parents > Safeguarding > E-safety and digital literacy Wishing you a safe and pleasant holiday The Computing Team @ TMSS