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Update from PGL - Day Three

Hello from a sunny PGL!


On day 3 the children reached great heights on Jacobs Ladder working together as a team to achieve their individual goals. The children have been responsive in asking questions in a range of problem solving games and provided insightful solutions when faced with unexpected dilemmas. They challenged themselves on the Tree Top Trail, showing great resilience in the face of fear and even encouraged the reluctant teachers - Don't look down Miss Holmes!


En garde! The children put their best foot forward to master a variety of fencing skills, lunging forward and aiming for the target area on their opponent. The children were particularly keen to have a duel with the teachers - can't imagine why! Using their map reading and compass skills, the children showed their resourceful side and successfully navigated their way around the orienteering course independently!


As night fell it was time for Ambush. Children hid from the opposing team in the woods, once again becoming one with nature and at times getting a 'taste' of it too. PGL staff were very impressed by the children's strategic and team working skills and the teachers went to bed feeling very proud of how far our children have come in such a short space of time.

Roll on giant swing today!


Miss R Johnson