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Update from PGL - Day Four

On day four the children learnt a new repeat after me PGL song with some even being brave enough to lead the rest of the year group in a sing-a-long!


The children’s teamwork skills were pushed to the limit during the Giant Swing whilst pulling their team to the top of the swing. Reports say that it took two dozen children to pull up Miss Johnson and Miss Tapp- they had a big lunch! Both were visibly nervous as they were pulled higher and higher, however both showed resilience in the face of fear.


Sport and team games was enjoyed by children and staff alike, with the teachers taking away a few new ideas for their future PE lessons. Finally Aeroball was a bit hit, testing the children’s dexterity and balance. Tournaments were fiercely fought with all the children showing a great competitive spirt and sportsman-like conduct.


Evening activity - DISCO! Never have the children looked or smelled so good! Some classic tunes were played at the disco and much fun was had by all, although it was unanimously  agreed that DJ Cremin’s Friday lunchtime residency at MSJ is far superior!