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The Mount Stewart Schools

Sickness Bug in School

Dear Parents and Carers

I am writing to answer some of your questions and ensure that you have the accurate information.

  • If your child is sick they need to remain off school for 48 hours.  We have had several children who were sick yesterday and returned to school today.  They were sent home immediately.  We understand that parents have to work but we have protocols in place to keep all the children safe.
  • Hand sanitisers are not effective with this type of virus but we will continue to have them in school as they are effective against other types of germs.
  • Liquid soap is available in all classrooms and toilets and children are encouraged to wash their hands regularly.
  • Soaps are checked regularly, but at times they do run out. If this happens we would encourage the children to indicate this to an adult.
  • Our toilets are cleaned thoroughly at lunchtimes and the end of the day on a daily basis.   
  • We hold regular teaching sessions in assemblies and PSHE regarding personal hygiene
  • We have worked with the local health protection agency and we do not need to shut the school.
  • Other childcare providers in the area have also been affected this week.
  • The school continues to be disinfected and will be deep cleaned 72 hours after the last reported case as is the NHS protocol.

We are doing the best that we can under extremely challenging circumstances.  Staff as well as children are off sick and therefore we are working to continue to offer the best provision we can for the children. 


We appreciate your support and understanding.


Carley Holliman


Executive Head

The Mount Stewart Schools