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The Mount Stewart Schools

Road safety

Dear Parents and Carers


The safety of our children is extremely important to us at The Mount Stewart Schools. Over the past few months there have been reports of many violent acts around our local area. In order to encourage our children to make good choices and keep themselves as safe as possible we have built in many more opportunities to support their understanding of keeping safe. The importance of this has also be heightened by an incident that took place earlier this week involving one of our past pupils during her first day at secondary school. I am pleased to share that she is now at home and looking forward to re-joining her friends at school.


On Friday 7th September, we will be visited by PC Shepherd from the Brent Police Youth Team, who will be coming to visit all children during their assembly. She will be highlighting how to keep safe while out and about, road safety, bike and scooter safety and how choices can result in serious injuries. She will also be highlighting how adults making poor choices can hurt children e.g. driving while on the phone, not wearing a seat belt, speeding and unsafe parking.


Your child may come home wishing to discuss these topics with you. Information shared will be age appropriate and will use real life scenarios.




Carley Holliman


Executive Head

The Mount Stewart Schools