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Parent learning sessions - book your place for 2019

Dear Parents and Carers


Thank you to those of you who have attended our parent learning sessions this term. These sessions continue into 2019, so please take a look at the Calendar on our website to see the scheduled dates for your child’s class, and ensure you book your space at: or


We have had some great feedback so far, including:


“This was a very useful parent session, allowing parents to get a better understanding of the methods applied in school to teach various aspects of English. We look forward to the maths session in the new year.” Year 2 parent.


It was probably the best thing ever in terms of understanding teaching and learning for me as a parent. Seeing the books and talking to the teacher never really gives a flavour of the actual dynamic in the classroom and this was excellent to see. I loved the way that the class was encouraged to understand that there are different points of view and to express their differences calmly. Also the understanding that there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer and that there are shades of grey was really good too. This is something that all parents should attend if they have the chance.” Year 5 parent


Kind Regards


Carley Holliman


Executive Head

The Mount Stewart Schools