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The Mount Stewart Schools

New house system for the Mount Stewart Schools

The pupils at The Mount Stewart Schools have chosen a new theme for our houses. The new names are the 'Elements':


  • Water (Blue)
  • Fire (Red)
  • Earth (Green)
  • Air (Yellow)


Having considered many options in classes, the school councillors came together for each year group to decide which idea they would present to the Federation Leadership Team.  The majority of teams presented ideas for the houses linked to Elements.


We are very excited to re-launch our house system
across the Federation in September 2018. As well as house teams for Sports Day, the pupils will have: house assemblies; house lunches (once a half term); and house competitions in all areas of the curriculum (once every half term).  Siblings will also be in the same house.


Here are some of the pupils' ideas as to why Elements are key to our 4 houses being successful both in learning and in life.

  • Water - water represents peacefulness we need everyone to live in peace. You are fluid and flexible, like your approach to learning.
  • Fire - represents wanting to achieve every goal we set. It shows strength and knowledge is spread like a burning fire.
  • Air - represents picking up knowledge for every chance we get. You pick up knowledge wherever you go.
  • Earth - represents caring for others. Your ideas are under your feet, you just don’t know it.

All our houses link together to make the earth a better place.