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Knife crime

Dear Parent and Carers

Yesterday I received news that a young person had been hurt by a knife injury in a park very close to our schools. I have no further details at present, but I know you will join me in sharing our well wishes to the family.

Recently, knife crime and youth violence have become depressingly regular features of the news bulletins. Week on week we hear about another young life taken, a family heartbroken, and a community shattered.  The impact of this is now on our doorstep.  

Yesterday Mike Sheridan, Ofsted Regional Director, London, wrote a blog on knife crime in the capital and Ofsted’s research about this.

To read the new post please visit:

Since April 2018 as a school we have been working to educate our children about keeping safe.  This has meant discussing some topics which have made them feel uncomfortable or nervous. In September we arranged for all our Year 6 children to visit the Ben Kinsella Trust to learn about the impact of knife crime.

We have made a commitment to continue to support our children through our curriculum and this includes being reactive to local, national and worldwide incidents.  We aim to encourage our children to develop a strong sense of self, follow their moral compass and understand that all decisions have consequences which affect themselves and others.


It is never our intention to frighten, but we do need to encourage children to think and consider their own and others feelings so that when faced with challenges without adult support, they make the best choices possible.

I will update you with any further information, if I receive any.

Best Regards

Carley Holliman
Executive Head
The Mount Stewart Schools