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The Mount Stewart Schools

Juniors UV Glow Ball, Thursday 6th December, 5:30pm-7:30pm

Message from FOMS for those who have purchased tickets to the party:


Thank you for purchasing a ticket to our sold out Juniors UV Glow Ball tomorrow, Thursday 6th December, 5:30pm-7:30pm.

Entry – All children to enter from the Junior Pupil Entrance which will be open from 5:20pm-5:45pm.  If you are dropping your child later, you will need to press the buzzer and wait with your child until a member of staff comes to open the gate. Only parents who are registered as helpers will be allowed to attend the party. Children should bring their tickets and they will be checked off against our list. If your child will be coming to the party straight from the after-school childcare, please advise CSE directly.

Exit – Parents can arrive from 7:20pm and wait in the dining halls (Years 3&4 Parents in Infant Dining Hall and Years 5&6 in Junior Dining Hall).  The party will finish at 7:30pm and staff will bring the children to the dining halls. The children will be dismissed class by class. No child will be allowed to walk home alone.

If you are picking your child up early, you must e-mail the school by 12pm on Thursday 6th December at and give your child's name and class, and the time you will come so the child will be waiting at the Junior Pupil Entrance with a staff member for that pick-up time.

What to wear – Children should wear comfortable clothing such as: white, dark or glow in the dark outfits. There will be UV paint for children to use and some do put it on their clothes. This in non-toxic and non-staining however children should avoid wearing suede or denim as these may stain if they choose to apply paints to their clothes.  Children can accessorise their outfits with whatever glow in the dark items they have. There will be prizes for children who fully embrace the theme!

UV face paint – There will be UV Face and Body paint for children to use. It is similar to normal face paint except that it glows under UV and blacklight.  It can be removed with water or make-up remover wipes. If your child is allergic to face paints please e-mail the school by 12pm on Thursday 6th December at  

All children will get a UV Bracelet on arrival.  In addition, each child will be able choose one of the following items:

  • Glow Wands
  • Glow Necklaces
  • Glow Earrings, pendants and rings
  • Glow glasses
  • LED Finger lights

Food – Light snacks will be provided half-way through the party and water and squash will be available throughout the evening.

Photos from the party (for those who have permission) will be available to view afterwards on the FOMS webpage:

We hope your child is as excited as we are about the UV BALL!

FOMS team