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Cinema tickets from the British Film Institute

Dear Parent and Carers
We are fortunate to have received a selection of tickets from the British Film Institute (BFI). These were a variety of tickets for films appropriate for different year groups.  For example we received 3 tickets for a film only appropriate for Year 6 children.  Three children have been chosen to link this film to their learning and challenge their thinking further as they are talented in English.
In addition to the above we also were given 116 tickets for 660 pupils across Reception, Key stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  We decided to select the children who had shown behaviour for learning above our school standards during the course of this term.
The 116 pupils selected had received the most house points for exceptional attitudes to learning.  
I appreciate that your child may be disappointed but over the term and the rest of their school journey there will be many times where they are selected or not selected, this could be in sport, music, mathematics, clubs, teams, school council, house captain and special occasions to represent the school.  This is a life lesson that children need to develop in order to be resilient and successful.  
I am sure you will agree that as a community we should continue to celebrate the achievements of our pupils and encourage them, and not to make others feel that it is unfair and individually they have missed out.  As disappointment is natural, we encourage are pupils to use it to inspire them to strive harder to achieve their goals.
Best Regards
Carley Holliman
Executive Head
The Mount Stewart Schools