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The Mount Stewart Schools


At Mount Stewart, we believe that every child can achieve their very best in maths. To enable all children to access the curriculum and achieve full potential, we teach mathematical concepts using a variety of strategies based upon the foundation of a Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach with pupils being able to move fluently between representations of mathematical ideas.


During maths lessons, pupils are given opportunities to work both collaboratively and independently. This allows our children to develop independence and become confident mathematicians who comfortably engage in mathematical dialogue and problem-solving. It also provides pupils with a deeper understanding of the subject and ensures pupils fully understand what they are learning.


Throughout our Federation, we encourage our children to view mathematics as an interconnected subject that is very relevant to the world around them - not just within a classroom. We ensure that our children understand the importance of mathematics in their everyday lives and realise the embedded mathematical links present within all other subjects. Our mathematical curriculum aims to instil our children with a life-long passion for reasoning and problem-solving. 


Home Learning

All pupils are given a range of opportunities to practice their times tables at home, in their own time as part of their home learning activities.

Pupil achievements are celebrated in class and assemblies.

Pupils have access to the following online resources each week:


380 Maths Assessment