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The Mount Stewart Schools

Lunch Leaders

Our Lunch Leaders are Year 5 and 6 pupils who have undertaken training which has helped them to develop their leadership skills. They all recognise the importance of being organised, respectful, reliable and inclusive.  The Lunch Leaders come up with lots of different ideas for activities to deliver during lunchtime and this helps to keep children active and engaged, making lunchtimes an enjoyable experience.  Lunch Leaders support the effective running of the dining experience whilst upholding the school values and commitments such as the promotion of healthy eating and recycling.  

Lunch Leaders

Key Responsibilities:

    • promoting recycling
    • maintaining enhanced hygiene in the canteen
    • encouraging 7R's/good table manners
    • monitoring healthy meals
    • support wet lunchtimes
    • supporting pupil engagement in outdoor activities
    • act as a buddy to peers
    • ensuring all children have someone to play with

Essential Qualities:

    • positive communicator & listener
    • able to follow instructions
    • dependable
    • good timekeeping
    • patience & kindness
    • imaginative & proactive