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The Mount Stewart Schools


At Mount Stewart, we aim to deliver a humanities curriculum that inspires our pupils to ask perceptive questions about the wider world, and give them the skill set to become empathetic, accountable, global citizens. Through varied experiences, both within the classroom and outside, and quality teaching and learning, the children develop their curiosity and are then keen to explore and discover independently. History and Geography are the best medium to be able to achieve this vision. We have carefully chosen content that links with the 20 core concepts running through our curriculum.


Within the History curriculum, we aim to encourage historical enquiry by broadening the pupils’ critical thinking skills through source analysis, sifting arguments and developing both internal and external perspectives and judgment. As our students develop and become increasingly curious about their own identities and their place within the global community, we hope to provide them with the resources and knowledge to be able to navigate their way through life.


Throughout our Geography curriculum, we enable our pupils to gain an expanding knowledge of the interaction between the human and physical processes and landscapes, both terrestrial and marine. We aim to instil an awareness of the impact we as humans have on the environment. Through this, we strive to inspire our children to take responsibility to become positive contributors towards the conservation of our planet.