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The Mount Stewart Schools

Coronavirus update and advice


Who to contact

For official advice and health concerns:

  • UK Government website
  • Department for Education coronavirus helpline 0800 0468687
  • Call NHS 111 for immediate health concerns

How to stay safe

To protect yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19, remember to wash your hands thoroughly using lots of soap and hot water, cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, use anti-bacterial gel or wipes, and avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illnesses.

Statement from Chair of Governors

As Chair of Governors for The Mount Stewarts Schools, I confirm that the Federation Leadership Team continues to share their plans for operating safely following all government guidelines.   These continued to be discussed with the full Governing Board and a number of questions raised by Governors are answered or taken away to be reviewed.  I can confirm that a thorough risk assessment and review process is in place and the outcome used to continue to refine the approach and safety measures put in place for staff, pupils and parents. Communication with parents will continue to be carried out based on this approach.  We continue to hold regular Governing Board meetings using online facilities and receive updates on the current situation in school, including attendance, safety, safeguarding and any concerns at those meetings as well as brief updates in between as required.


Gillan Barnard

Our updated Jigsaw Charter that includes our three covid-19 rules.