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Art and Design Curriculum Statement

At Mount Stewart, we aim to deliver an art curriculum that broadens children’s imagination and enables them to think independently and creatively. We empower rich and explicit tiered vocabulary and ways of expression by exposing pupils to a wide range of art techniques and art skills such as drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles and sculpture. By introducing different cultures, artists and designers from the past and present, we are equipping children with tools to express their own identity and understand the uniqueness of others. We aim to teach children to be compassionate, confident and independent future leaders and collaborators with creative minds.

Art and DT are also taught through our blocked approach. This ensures that key skills are taught, and that progression in skills is evident from Reception through to Year 6. We use the CUSP (Curriculum with Unity Schools Partnership) curriculum to support our planning in these subjects. Within Art, we are working hard to promote the use of sketchbooks in all classes, where children can be free to express and explore ideas and themes through a variety of mediums. It also allows them to reflect on their own work that of their peers.


Our high-quality art and design education is intended to equip all pupils with a deep understanding and passion for thinking creatively and producing their own artwork using skills and techniques through experimental learning. Our art and design curriculum has strong links with other subjects taught across the curriculum. 

At Mount Stewart, we are proud of our high-quality art and design curriculum, which engages, inspires and challenges pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design.


Mount Stewart teaches the national curriculum, seen in the documents below. We take a no ceiling approach and use adaptive planning through open-ended tasks, pupils with SEND and the most able can achieve well. Our curriculum work looks at a variety of artistic styles and interpretations. Through this, the children are encouraged to express themselves using a variety of mediums, including digital artwork.

All pupils throughout school have regular art and design weeks and each year group build on the knowledge and skills taught in previous years.  Vocabulary and technique is always a focus, and from Reception, the children are taught to use this language and use the equipment correctly. Children are encouraged to express an opinion of their own work and that of others.


We see the impact of our curriculum on the outcomes of every lesson.  We know children learn more and remember more as they progress through school. The curriculum revisits key knowledge and skills. For example, this progression can be seen from their basic self-portraits in Year 1 with given media through to the self-selection of media to produce a body image showing movement through shading in Year 6.  Our use of assessment for learning lets us adapt lessons and units to the needs of each new cohort, and our ongoing assessment help us gauge understanding of more specific knowledge as pupils move through school.  

TMSS_Art and Design Statement of Intent, Implementation and Impact

Year 3 Overview

Year 4 Overview

Year 5 Overview


Year 6 Overview