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The Mount Stewart Schools

Week 5 and 6

In maths we have been doubling and halving numbers. We have used objects to help us and have learnt how to use the Cherry model.
Picture 1 Doubling in the Outdoor area.JPG
Picture 2 Doubling numbers.JPG
Picture 3 Halving amounts.JPG
Picture 4 Learning to half numbers.JPG
Picture 5 Sorting 3-d shapes by their properties.JPG
Picture 6 We explore how to half numbers.JPG
Picture 7 We use the cherry model to half numbers.JPG
We have continued to read 'We're Going on a Lion' . We have been learning to describe different settings in the story using adjectives. We have also been exploring how the character may feel when they go through the different obstacles. We have also been using clay to make animals who appear in the story.
Picture 1 Exploring feelings.JPG
Picture 2 Making animals from clay.JPG

Over the course of the past two weeks, our children have been busy seeing interesting  experiments with Miss Huvers. We have also been creative while making our Valentines Day cards and  we have written lovely messages inside. We have had fun Celebrating  and learning about Chinese New Year and we have also been serving food in our Reception Outdoor restaurant; Al Fresco style.


Picture 1 Outdoor learning session Experiment.JPG
Picture 2 We can trace around objects.JPG
Picture 3 Making Valentine cards.JPG
Picture 4 Valentine cards.JPG
Picture 5 Writing messages in our Valentine cards.JPG
Picture 6 Cutting skills used to make flowers.JPG
Picture 7 Drawing and cutting shapes.JPG
Picture 8 Painting for chinese new year.JPG
Picture 9 Welcome to Our Restaurant!.JPG
Picture 10 The Restuarant is open for business.JPG
Picture 11 Right! Lunch is served.JPG