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The Mount Stewart Schools

Our Learning this Week

Healthy eating was the theme of this week.  The children participated in a workshop which included the following stations.


  • Making healthy wraps using carrots, cabbage and green peppers all raw! Many of them   enjoyed this tasty morsel and promised to eat their greens every day!
  • Using cycle power to generate enough electricity to make a glass of delicious blue berry and banana smoothie.
  • Using a selection of fruit apples, pineapples, melon and grapes. Fruit kebabs were created and eaten.  Many hmmmm could be heard in the hall.


The children learned about the number of ingredients it takes to make shop brought bread in comparison to the number of ingredients it takes to make home made bread.  May be you could ask them which one is the healthy option.

Healthy Eating Fun Week

Healthy Eating Fun Week 1
Healthy Eating Fun Week 2
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Healthy Eating Fun Week 5