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Our learning this week

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This week we have been using our book ‘Journey’ to help us develop our writing skills. We have been trying to include a variety of adverbs in our writing. Adverbs show us how, when, how often, where and how much something happens. We have also been developing our writing skills by looking at a variety of ways to start our sentences. These include time conjunctions (At that moment, For hours, After that, Meanwhile, As the day went on), adverbs describing how something is done (suddenly, immediately, shockingly, quickly, surprisingly, strangely), as well as verb phrases (Looking down, Walking towards them, Floating away, Sighing with relief). Our final grammar lesson of the week has been spent exploring the impact that sentence length has in our writing. We have been considering how short and abrupt sentences can add power to our writing.

We will be putting all of this knowledge to use next week when we will be writing our own story to accompany the picture book ‘Journey’.