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Our learning this week

A great beginning

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Year 5 have had a great start to the academic year!  New friendships have been made, new learning has begun and as whole, we have begun this year with a really positive start.  


The children look fantastic in their new PE uniforms and have really embraced their new houses and housemates.   Their transition into their new classes has been smooth and all of the Year 5 team are very impressed with the maturity and resilience the children have shown with adapting to their new class mates.  Well done Year 5!!


We have written a fantastic descriptive piece, stepping inside the mind and feelings of a lonely fallen Autumn leaf, and using lots of a emotive and descriptive language.   This task has really gotten our creative juices flowing, helping us prepare for the new English topic that will begin next week.   


In Maths we have woken up our holiday minds and begun to delve into place value and really understanding the magnitude of a million.   We have also become really familiar with our new 10 key areas of feedback that will help challenge and demonstrate our understanding of the topic at hand. 


Keep up the great work Year 5, its been a great start and a good omen for the amazing learning to come.