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Our Learning this Week

This week has been Healthy Eating week at Mount Stewart so the children have had a range of opportunities to explore healthy diet and exercise related to our PSHE curriculum. In specially designed workshops, the children had the chance to design and make their own smoothie, explore fruits and vegetables to put into a wrap and a fruit kebab, as well as identify weird and wonderful fruits and vegetables that they had never encountered before!


On Thursday, all of the Year 5 girls made the most of the opportunity to spend the day at Northwood College School for Girls, taking part in a variety of activities based around Music, PE, Chemistry and Physics.

In the PE session, the girls had to work as a team to earn pirate treasure in and around the swimming pool, with the winning team collecting a prize from the pirates treasure chest. The music sessions saw the girls using their problem solving skills to work out why ‘North Wood’ was stuck in an eternal winter, eventually using their musical talents to break the spell and bring about Spring. Upon entering the Chemistry lab, the girls found themselves at Northwood Wizarding College.  They used a variety of elements to determine their school houses (Calcium, Strontium, Copper, Potassium) and write messages in hidden inks. Finally, the girls tested their construction skills in the Physics session, building towers that were strong and stable enough to hold a weight, applying their understanding of forces and geometry.

It was a fantastic day for all and all the girls were excellent ambassadors for Mount Stewart and our values.


Meanwhile back at school, the boys enjoyed a fun filled day with activities such as a scavenger hunt, football match and picnic linked to our healthy eating week. The boys thoroughly enjoyed spending time together as a year group and a good day was had by all.


It has been another fantastic term of learning in Year 5 and we are looking forward to finishing the year off with further successes next half term!

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