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The Mount Stewart Schools

Our Learning this Week

This week we have been exploring WOLVES! We have researched many different facts about them in order to plan for our fact files.

Did you know that a wolf pup is born deaf and blind? 

We also completed a 'cold task' before we started any researching. A cold task is when you write down/draw what you already know about something!






In Maths we have been exploring the language 'twice as many' and relating this to doubling a number, doubling length and doubling objects!






In Science we went on a tree hunt around the playground and the fields. We explored the leaves on the different trees in order to identify the name of each tree!





Coral class were lucky enough to see a beautiful parakeet perched on a branch!




In geography we explored where different food come from around the world! We used an atlas to help us find some of the countries.





Finally in PSHE, we reflected on our personal achievements that have made us feel proud.