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The Mount Stewart Schools

Our Learning this Week

Two more weeks left till Easter holidays and the children have been super busy this week.


In maths we continued to learn about fractions, in particular equivalents. This including the children being able to order the fractions on a number line, problem solving with equivalences and showing the multiplication and division between numerators and denominators.


During English, the children have continued to focus on non-chronological report writing and different grammatical focuses to write their own reports. Key areas include knowing and being able to use coordinating and subordinating conjunctions in sentences. Identify and use commas, subordinating and main clauses to write paragraphs about life in Rome and Pompeii.


Finally, 4M had their assembly on Romans today, take a look at the pictures below!


Don't forget Roman day on Wednesday 27th March. Dress up as someone from the Roman times and be submerged in a whole day of Roman activities.

Picture 1
Picture 2