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The Mount Stewart Schools

Our learning this week

This week we have been continuing with our Roman Myth theme.


Children have been studying the aspects of grammar that we will be hoping to see in their written piece next week. The children have been constructing multi-clause sentences using conjunctions, as well as writing examples of metaphors.


Children have also been learning about prepositional phrases, they have used story boards to help them to write about a scene. Children have been constructing sentences based around a noun, adjectives to describe the noun and prepositions to show the relationship between the noun and the rest of the sentence (describing what is happening in the scene).


Next week children will be writing their own Roman Myth,  Children can start to plan their own stories at home making sure each story has a clear beginning, problem and solution. 


In maths lessons, children have been learning about 2D shapes, exploring and discussing the similarities and differences between shapes and finding lines of symmetry.


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